Designers through the Decades

Designers through the decades- 50's
THE 1950s In 1950s Paris, Haute Couture emerged from the austerity of the war with a tailored yet feminine look best epitomized by the just –introduced Chanel Suit with its little ... [More]

Designers through the decades- 60's
The 1960s: Donald Brooks Donald Brooks Givenchy If six degrees of separation were to apply to fashion design, and some would agree that it does, then Hubert de Givenchy - French aristocrat, born a ... [More]

Designers through the decades- 60's -part2
The 1960s Innovative, directional, polarizing or downright outrageous, depending on one’s perspective, were the gasp-inducing ideas put forth on both sides of the Atlantic.   Drawing, perhaps, on his earlier training as ... [More]

Designers through the decades - 70 s
The 1970s Rykiel   Some of you might remember this. In the late 60s, the maitre d’ of the top-tier New York restaurant  refused to seat  a woman, the best of the best-dressed, ... [More]

Designers through the decades - 1800s
  THE MID-1800s   As every true student of fashion history knows, Charles Fredrick Worth, who – in mid-nineteenth century Paris - elevated the work of dressmaking to an art, is credited ... [More]

Designers through the decades - ‏ Americans in Paris
AMERICANS IN PARIS Staying on in Paris, after serving in WWI, Chicago-born Main Rousseau Bocher (familiar to us, of course, as Mainbocher) found his niche as a fashion illustrator,  fashion editor ... [More]

Designers through the decades - Galanos and Norell
The 1950s Stanley Marcus (the late, great CEO of the luxury retailer founded by his father and aunt), once said of James Galanos, “the greatest and most treasured luxury in the ... [More]

Designers through the Decades - Cities of The Big Shoulders
Cities of The Big Shoulders: Hollywood, Milan, Paris And “Dallas.”   If you give him, or her, a minute, many a stylist – and designer – will extol the virtues of the ... [More]

Designers through the Decades - Ties that Bind
TIES THAT BIND While your fashion-centric nearest and dearest  might agree to disagree on which designers rank as the most influential of the 2000s, one imagines  that all lists ... [More]

Designers through the Decades - 1933 Bonnie Cashin
1933 BONNIE CASHIN   (with apologies to  Frank Loesser, Guys and Dolls)What’s playing at The Roxy? We’ll tell you what’s playing at the Roxy.Story about a girl from California leaves her hometown ... [More]

Designers through the Decades - Missoni
ALLA FAMIGLIA! Missioni   He:  Son of an Italian sea captain and a Dalmatian countess spends most of WWII as a POW in Egypt. Post-war, sets up shop making wool ... [More]

Designers through the decades - Diana Vreeland
THE TWO MRS. VREELANDS   When it comes to those whose influence weighs  heavily  on 20th century.  fashion, arguments rage. Chanel. Dior of “The New Look.”  YSL.  Mary Quant and ... [More]

Designers through the Decades - Pauline Trigere
“TRIGGER,” AS SHE WAS KNOWN TO ALL WHO LOVED HER… PAULINE TRIGÈRE  Pauline Trigère Pauline Trigère Somehow, in  an odd reversal of fortune, Pauline Trigère, though born ... [More]

Designers through the decades - Pacific Overtures
Pacific Overtures The  erudite and peripatetic photo- journalist, Bill Cunningham, who reports, for the New York Times, on everything  “fit to print” about things fashionable, cultural ... [More]

Designers through the Decades - Wholly Toledo
WHOLLY TOLEDO! "Paris girl" by Ruben Toledo While, in the context of this series,  the word designer is generally applied to  those engaged in the design of apparel and accessories,  a broader ... [More]

Designers through the Decades - Stephen Burrows
THE TAKING OF VERSAILLES “ Landmark Fashion Show Broke Racial Barriers, Showcased U.S. Designers.”   A fund raiser for the restoration of the legendary palace (an unhappy home, if ever there was one, ... [More]

Designers through the Decades - Show Biz to Shoe Biz
SHOW BIZ TO SHOE BIZ Number  1552 Broadway – actually right off Broadway  on the uptown side of  West 46th Street – is a building that captures the attention of those ... [More]

Designers through the Decades - A Story. A Store. A Star
A STORY. A STORE. A STAR.  Popping up everywhere, in 1957, were snippets of news about Genesco’s acquisition of Henri Bendel - in the early part of the 20th century, ... [More]

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Designers through the Decade
  A Story.A Store. A Star Popping up everywhere, in 1957, were snippets of news about Genesco’s acquition of Henri Bendel - in the early part of the 20th century, among New ... [More]